The young team also used counterattack in front of the wild caused by confusion, the Buddha in the process of self-defense accidentally hit the goalkeeper Dubnick Dalton Prout Jerseys, but Du Bunike in the fall of the case will still be Rick Rucker's shot refused Outside the door. The last moment, the wild team began to desperate, ducks also frequently use counterattack counterattack wild team onslaught. The final 1: 0 score was maintained to the end of the game Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys, the wild team Kuanggong 60 minutes blasted 37 times the shot is, but always can not solve Gibson, can only swallow the home was finished bitter fruit. In addition to the former champion Lang Nathan McKinnon and teenager Mick Rattaning accident, the majority of avalanche players in the next season will not appear in the array, Latanine in the past seven games in the attack Scored 4 goals and another 2 assists, including the February 7 face of the Montreal Canadians hat trick. McKinnon is only 1 goal 4 assists. This month in addition to defeating the coins before the Canadians and home to pick away away from the bug machine Ryan Murray Jerseys, the team no longer win. This season, the avalanche averaged 2.02 goals behind the other teams firmly occupy the top, every player has an unshirkable responsibility. Champion McKinnon has not played every season than the rookie season, the team must introduce another core to ensure that the reconstruction work can step by step. Defense line, the guard for the offensive and defensive ends of the series is not good enough to do Cody Goloubef Jerseys, Francois Buchean old age is already high, play has been worse, and the first card Tyson Barry this season because of injuries, performance also Large diving.