Last week, the league Samsung players Jason Bummingville shot hit the post, Parry, Nino Ned Rade and others also have great opportunities James Wisniewski Jerseys, but John Gibson is still rock-solid. 18 minutes, wild get a great chance of scoring, center Eric Stoul won the opportunity to close the door single-handed, he went past the goalkeeper Gibson was at the last minute by the young captain Ryan Gatslaw struggling to hook, missed The opportunity to open the door. The first two fights, the wild team fired 29 times shot, helpless Gibson if God help, only with 0: 1 score into the third quarter. The third quarter of the first three minutes, the wild team won the game more than 4 times the opportunity to play less, Ryan Sut and captain Mick Koith frequently use long-range attempt to tear on the duck defense, But the team members of the defensive team gathered together, most of the wild team shot blocked. 5 minutes, wild guard Christian Buddha vigorously long-range, the ball after Gibson's block after hitting the right side of the post, almost playing in the goalkeeper body into the goal. "Now in the league, Cross is a single player, and the remaining players can only compete for the second gear Jack Johnson Jerseys," said Ray Reyro, the former general manager of the penguin team, who is currently the general manager of the New Jersey devil team. , As in the previous 'great' Wayne Gretzky Corey Tropp Jerseys, super 'Mario' Le Moumy and others ... he may have the ability to raise his performance again Gregory Campbell Jerseys. "As the best of the times The player, who also has the richest arsenal, his glide as fast as lightning, pole technology like a rod, his body extremely strong, his shot fast, and his most deadly weapons, is excellent for the game Understanding and the desire for victory.