Gunde Branson, who rely on experience, to seize the chance of McDhee's physical decline, to limit the attack on the oil. But they can not get an excellent scoring opportunity in front of Talbot, but rather the oil of the Puglia, once won 2 single-pole 0 chance, good Miller show 2010 Vancouver Olympic best goalkeeper's strength , Will be divided into 1 points difference. He then defended Mike Dave's single-handedly, but his brave performance could not be transformed into the power of the team's forwards, and the number of shots in the tournament was still lagging behind the opponent and could not make a real impact on Talbot Threaten. The third quarter to the final stage, plus the team began to Kuanggong, Swissman Sven Bairchi received inverted triangle pass, but he missed the shot in front of the distance, missed a great opportunity to equalize the score. Vancouver left Miller in the 2 minutes left in the game, but they were never able to land in the blue line of the oilers Alex Ovechkin Jersey, but instead let Milan Luke Qi seize the opportunity to enter the game 1:20 Empty goal Zach Sill Jersey, the score expanded to 2: 0. The end of the game, Vancouver two consecutive games were finished, swallowed a wave of 4-game losing streak, the oil goalkeeper Kan Talbert won the second individual this season, the oil people also by virtue of the victory of the game to continue Lead the west. The game was beaten back to the bench of Peka Renei this game continues to play on behalf of the Marauders, coach Ravi Ao also did not make a big adjustment to the lineup. The beginning of the game, the predators put the confrontation to a very high state, in the body against the point is not the wind, the two sides also broke out several small conflicts John Carlson Jersey, the scene is very intense. The first section of the two sides shot equally equal to 8: 8. The Marauders have been very good in the season to play in the game suffered bruise, they are completely in the ball on the Anaheim is suppressed they did not play the biggest reason for the level of the game in the face of the league in the face of the ball The same excellent kings Capitals Jerseys, their performance is very brave, the first section of the ball to 13: 8 lead, but they twice to get more opportunities to play less goals have not scored. The first section of the two sides to 0-0 draw.